Environmentally safe pest treatments for Hervey Bay homes

Wood that's been Eaten by Termites — Pest Experts in Torquay Hervey Bay, QLD

At Advanced Ecosafe Pest Management, our goal is to free your home of invasive pests without causing any harm to the surrounding ecology.


With cutting-edge technology from DuPont and Arilon, we can effectively remove and prevent pests from entering your home or business without causing harm to you, your family or your pets. We only use highly flexible pest treatments, including gels and targeted insecticides that have very low toxicity and odour levels. By using these products, we also prevent chemical run-off from entering the local waterways.


Please call our knowledgeable team if you require more information on our treatments, or want to request a quote.

Arilon Insecticide

This incredible, cutting-edge non-repellent insecticide from Arilon is an excellent all-round treatment for homes and businesses. It works on all major insects and pests, and is particularly effective against cockroach and ant colonies. The benefits of Airlon insecticide include:

These treatments are also water dispersible and only affect insects that come into direct contact, or digest the active ingredient. This makes them harmless to the immediate environment around the site.

DuPont Altriset Termiticide

After more than a decade of research, DuPont has created a dedicated low-toxicity termiticide that still delivers excellent results. This liquid treatment specifically targets termite muscles, stopping them from be able to feed on the timber in your home within hours. The affected termites then take it back to their colony, meaning you receive more permanent results. Altriset can also be applied to the soil around your home as a protective barrier.

DuPont Advion Ant Gel

For total ant colony control, we utilise DuPont’s Advion . This translucent, odour-free and nonstaining gel affects a wide variety of ant species, at all life stages. The result is extended periods of protection from invasive ant colonies, without the use of chemical spraying.