Termite inspection & eco-friendly pest control on the Fraser Coast

When you spot nasty critters roaming around your property, get a powerful solution from Advanced Ecosafe Pest Management. Based in Hervey Bay, we service all areas of the Fraser Coast. We provide affordable and absolute control of all major pest types in domestic and commercial properties. Pensioner discounts are also available.


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Cockroach Life Cycle — Pest Experts in Torquay Hervey Bay, QLD
Bed Bugs — Pest Experts in Torquay Hervey Bay, QLD

Pest Control

If you’ve got creepy crawlies bothering you and your family, trust Advanced Ecosafe Pest Management to quickly remove them from your property. Our highly trained and experienced pest control experts use only eco-friendly treatments. This means you can occupy your property again as soon as we have finished, no waiting around for fumes to clear!


Not sure what type of pest you’re dealing with? No problem! Part of our process is to identify the exact species, so we can tailor a treatment to successfully eradicate it. The pests we can handle include, but are not limited to:

If you’re a business or commercial property owner, we can provide a cost-effective pest management plan that includes regular treatments over a period of time. This gives you peace of mind that your property is now pest-free and protected against future threats.


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Termite Inspections & Management

Recent studies have shown that, in most areas of Australia, 1 in 4 homes will be attacked by termites (white ants) at some point. Quite often, by the time you’ve seen signs of termite activity yourself, it’s too late to prevent significant damage to your property. Our licensed pestmanagement technicians offer thorough inspections of your property and the surrounding area using the latest technology and industry techniques. We will then discuss prevention and management options if there’s a likely threat, and eradication if termites are already present.


At Advanced Ecosafe Pest Treatment, we recommend having a termite inspection once a year if you are in a termite-prone area. Give us a call today to organise a time for our technicians to come out to your property.

Bed Bug Life Cycle — Pest Experts in Torquay Hervey Bay, QLD
Bed Bug Life Cycle — Pest Experts in Torquay Hervey Bay, QLD
Flying Ant and Termite — Pest Experts in Torquay Hervey Bay, QLD
Ant and Termite Differences — Pest Experts in Torquay Hervey Bay, QLD

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Purchasing a property is a huge decision for anyone. To ensure you’re getting value for money, and there are no hidden surprises, ask about our pre-purchase pest inspections. Our technicians come out to the prospective building and perform a comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of the property to discover any infestations or pests.

Once our inspection is complete, our expert will give you a detailed report with preventative treatment recommendations. If there’s a pest problem affecting the property, we’ll advise you of the estimated cost and timeframe of eradicating them. This may impact your decision to purchase the property.


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